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Defence industry Federal government extended the arms embargo against Saudi Arabia.

  • 15 Nisan 2019
  • 518 kez görüntülendi.

Defence industry Federal government extended the arms embargo against Saudi Arabia. Schmidt and more

Saudi Arabia will get to the end of March 2020 no weapons from Germany. The Federal government extended the Export ban for another six months. more.

Scotland and the independence Sturgeon wants a new Referendum in case of No-Deal-Brexit.

In a Referendum in 2014, agreed with the majority of Scots in favour of staying part of the UK. Scotland’s head of government Sturgeon wants to question the people in the case of No-Deal-Brexits again. more. [ Forum ]

Despite Free train German soldiers rides fly intra-German.

As the Verte >By Matthias Gebauer and more. [ Forum ]

Ridicule Johnson in the EU Parliament Juxend in the Chaos-Brexit.

Boris Johnson experienced a further Disaster of the week: Be a Luxembourg Trip ended with a humiliation. And EU Deputy, he must now even kidding. From Markus Becker, and Peter Müller, Brussels and more. [ Video | Forum ]

Yemen-conflict Rohani attack on Oil installations is called a “warning” to the Houthis.

The Trump the power of government to Tehran for attacks on Oil installations in Saudi Arabia, responsible. Iran’s President >[ Video ]

The military counterintelligence service, the number of right-wing extremist suspected in the armed forces is increasing.

In the search for extreme right-wing soldiers in the Bundeswehr, the Military intelligence service is faced with more and new information. According to SPIEGEL information, he is registered since may, 50 new suspected cases. By Matthias Gebauer and more. [ Forum ]

The fight against the IS Cabinet decides on new Iraq mandate.

Tornado recce aircraft in Jordan, and training of security forces in Iraq: The Federal Cabinet has approved the extension of the Anti-IS-operation of German soldiers. more. [ Forum ]

Video analysis of election in Israel, “The magician Makes must watch”

Again, there is a stalemate After the election in Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu and his Challenger Gantz are equal. So, what’s next? A short analysis of LEVEL-editor, Dominik Peters in the Video. more.

SPD-casting marathon therapy Tour.

Mid-term in the SPD-casting: the mood of The companions is not so good. The party works on your duration of crisis. The question of who leads you in the future, seems almost beside the point. By Christian Teevs more. [ Video | Forum ]

Israel police shoot dead Palestinian at border crossing.

Israeli security forces have shot dead a Palestinian at a border crossing. According to police, the woman did want to attack you with a knife. more.

The conflict with Iran, Saudi-Arabia joins the U.S. Mission in the Persian Gulf .

The Federal government declined to participate in one of the US-led Mission in the Persian Gulf, the United Kingdom, to the castle, however. Now the Trump-government has gained a further Partner. more.

After four months, Venezuela’s Vice-Parliament-in-chief from prison.

Because he should have supported a coup attempt, was Edgar Zambrano in may. Now the Vice-President of the Venezuelan national Assembly, was released. more.

Regional conference in Berlin “I still feel the SPD is still alive”

The Tour of the regional conferences, brings the seven remaining SPD-Kandidatenduos to Berlin. Who is convinced? From the Willy-Brandt-Haus Janita Hämäläinen and Charlotte reports Schönberger . more.

Defence industry Federal government extended the arms embargo against Saudi Arabia. to the

Hesse Two and a half years in prison for IS-trailer.

He wanted to fight in Syria for IS. The higher regional court in Frankfurt has sentenced a 32-Year-old because of the support of the jihadists militia to two years and six months in prison. more.

News The The Morning @mirror online was a blog on 18.9.2019.

The journey of Greta Thunberg by the United States looks like a state visit. On Monday, she met with Barack Obama and even a former U.S. President >With Michael Kröger and more. [ Forum ]

The affair of Bremen Bamf branch office office of the public Prosecutor accuses Ex-President and two lawyers .

Against the Ex-Boss of the Bremen Bamf branch office and two lawyers is charge been charged. According to SPIEGEL information, the Prosecutor’s office of the public official breaches of the law raises in nearly a hundred cases. By Hubert Gude and Wolf Wiedmann-Schmidt and more. [ Video ]

Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer Bundeswehr is not to be “Germany’s https://celebrities-news.site/?p=15 laughing stock” .

“In the armed forces nothing moves, nothing flies, nothing goes to the lake”: This impression has set, according to Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer fixed. The Verte >[ Forum ]

Canada charges of spying – police arrest their own employees .

A high-ranking secret service, representatives of the canadian police under suspicion of espionage: He is said to have stolen the documents, whose disclosure could have for the security of the country “devastating” consequences. more. [ Forum ]

Oil damaged United States and Saudi Arabia want to coordinate response to attacks .

Who is behind the attacks on Oil installations in Saudi Arabia and Washington’s reaction to the attack against the allies? About US for advice now-foreign Minister Pompeo and the Saudi crown Prince. more. [ Video | Forum ]

The post of the security adviser to Trump announced five candidates for Bolton successor.

After the dismissal of John Bolton, the US President >[ Forum ]addiction

Likud and Blue-and-White on a par Israel selects the Patt.

Israel’s General election has no clear winner: The biggest rivals are neck and neck. For Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this is a setback – which could cost him the office. An analysis by Alexandra Rojkov more. [ Video ]

Conflict in the sea of Japan Russian coast guard takes, apparently, dozens of North Koreans .

Russian border guards have busted according to information from Moscow, dozens of North Koreans in illegal fishing in the sea of Japan. The Crew of the boat had then opened fire. more.

Video from Saudi Arabia “sees Man as a victim of a brutal attack series”

After the drone attacks on the largest oil Refinery in Saudi Arabia, the situation is tense. What is the response of the population and the king’s house? SPIEGEL reporter Susanne Koelbl with an assessment of the Riad. more.

The U.S. prison camp in Any Guantanamo detainee, the cost is 13 million dollars.

40 people are still imprisoned in Guantanamo. More than $ 540 million at a cost of your accommodation will be in 2018. The U.S. prison camp in Cuba is probably the most expensive prison in the world. more.

Conservative in the European Parliament, Orbán, with mixed re .

As it sees the EU with Hungary? The Council of Ministers increased the pressure on mini sterpräs >Markus Becker, and Peter Müller, Brussels and more. [ Forum ]

Jakob Augstein Say, what is supposed to be .

As a columnist, one inevitably faces the question: does everything have to be so? Or everything could be different? Jakob Augstein about Writing columns, and the changeability of the world. more. [ Forum ]

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